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...some frequently asked Questions answered..


do we need to bring our own food?

we pretty much have our kitchen open until the last guest retires. meals range from RM5 - RM25 and drinks from RM3 - RM7.

let us know if you have any dietary preferences or restrictions in advance so we can cater to your needs. feel free to tell us if you prefer

brown bread (otherwise it is usually white bread in our kitchen), and if you are vegetarian. if you have a sweet tooth for chocolates and candy,

feel free to bring your own :) we have our menu published here, so you know what to expect..


what about electricity supply and voltage used?

we manage our own power supply. power is available from sunset to sunrise, with some glitches in between when we changeover our gensets.

if you would like to use any electrical appliances, please let us know so we can help you with the power supply. definitely no hairdryers, please! :)

the voltage in Malaysia is 240 volts. the outlet shape that we use is the one having two parallel flat pins with ground pin (3 holes in a triangular shape).

if your device's plug has a different shape, then you would be requiring a plug adapter because we may not have an adapter that suits your needs at ours.

are there hot showers?

we don't have a water heater!


is there airconditioning?

we don't have airconditioning, only fans!

do I have to worry about malaria?

we personally don't think it's necessary to take malaria pills.. but if you are concerned, it is probably best to check with your doctor.

some guests are worried while other guests are not - although we've not been host to any guests with problems of malaria, we do know

some of our guests take precautions through malaria pills. we read from the WHO website that the risk exists only in limited areas in the deep hinterland

of Borneo and that urban and coastal areas are free from malaria. at ours, we have nets over the beds and sleeping hammocks and we also offer incense

/repellents that you can choose to use for your room but we don't have handy the insect repellents for body/skin application.


are there many creepy crawlies?

the tropical rainforests of Borneo are one of the most biologically diverse habitats on Earth. the abundance of insects in Borneo is really outstanding

and we read that more than 3 new species are discovered every month. we've not encountered anything dangerous but it is quite a feast to see the

various colours and shapes so we hope you'll enjoy the view! we’ve put in nets over your bed/sleeping hammock to keep any unwanted crawlies at bay,

but please give us a shout if you need some extra help with repellents. we can also help store your foodstuff in the kitchen, if you’d like.


can we pay by credit card?

not yet, sorry! for now, it is cash only, preferably in Ringgit Malaysia. however, if needed, we can also accept US Dollars, British Pounds, EURO and

Singapore Dollars. don't worry if you feel you have not brought enough cash with you, some guests have been short of cash, and pay when they arrive

Kota Kinabalu, after checking out.


should we bring our own towels?

we provide towels and linen, and we would not normally change towels and linen for short stays. feel free to ask if you need a change,

of course!


is there mobile phone network coverage at yours?

not consistent coverage.. so if you need a clear line, we can show you some spots a few minutes away from us. you won't be able to keep your phone on

by your bed and expect calls to come in. we don't have internet access either!


are there any good places to trek nearby?

it is easy to find a place to trek once u stay at ours! you can feel free to venture or if you'd like, we can introduce u to a villager who can keep u company

during the forest trek for a small tip.


how do we know where to meet you for the arranged taxi transfer?

just let us know 2 days in advance of the pick up so we can be sure the taxi is there at the right time and place. if you want to be fetched at the airport, be sure to tell

us the flight number/airline as there are 2 airport terminals (both serve internationally and domestically) in Kota Kinabalu. the driver will wait for you at the arrivals gate,

holding a red signcard. if you can't spot us, please call us! the cost for a pick up at the airport or anywhere else in Kota Kinabalu is RM120 for the taxi ride (regular sedan).

the one-way journey would take about 70 mins. this cost is taxi only.


how is the boat transfer?

it is about a 10 minute ride on our boat. we will likely bring you on our rib (looks like a dinghy but with a fibre hull). the boat fare is RM10 a person one way.


how do we travel using public transportation?

first, from Kota Kinabalu to Kota Belud:
get yourself to the Jalan Padang area in Kota Kinabalu. the long distance taxi station and the long distance bus station are both along that road. 4 people sharing a

long distance taxi to Kota Belud town is about Ringgit Malaysia 15 a person. a single ticket to Kota Belud town by bus is about Ringgit Malaysia 10. the busses

are really mini vans, and will make several stops along the way ('Kota Belud', among the other locations the bus stops at, should be written on the bus.. to be sure,

ask the driver!). a non-stop journey from Kota Kinabalu to Kota Belud town will take about 60 minutes. so if you take a bus, expect to arrive in 2 hours or so.

then, from Kota Belud to Kampung Pituru Laut:
there are two squares in Kota Belud town that act as transportation hubs. you will be dropped off at one of these squares. be aware that Kampung Pituru Laut is

a remote village. not many people outside of the Kota Belud district would know about it. there are two options to take. one, take a local taxi. local taxis charge

Ringgit Malaysia 50 for the taxi ride from Kota Belud town to Kampung Pituru Laut. the second option (which is not available at all times) is to look for a villager

who lives in Kampung Pituru Laut and is heading back home from Kota Belud town. the driver would expect about Ringgit Malaysia 20 for one trip.

(Kota Belud town is the last point to get access to the internet and banks.)

lastly, at Kampung Pituru Laut:

you will need to take our boat for a 10 minute ride to our beach. the cost for the boat ride is RM10 per person. you would have already informed us of what time to

expect you at the boat meeting point, as we only come out of our beach when we know there are guests to fetch. (walk-in guests may have to wait a while before

the boat comes.) if you decide to take a villager's boat to our beach, please be sure the cost is agreed upfront, and that there are safety vests available.)


in summary, the public transportation option will likely cost you RM70, if traveling alone from Jalan Padang in Kota Kinabalu or RM45 per person, for 2 people

traveling together, and about 2.5 hours from Kota Kinabalu to our beach.


how can we travel on our own to you? can we get more detailed directions?

if you fancy a little bit more of independence in your travel, rent a car/bike and follow these directions.

from Kota Kinabalu, take the road towards Kota Belud. about 40-45 minutes into the journey (you would pass a little area on your left named Tenghilan, and a 5 minute

hilly stretch), watch out for the Kelawat-Ambong area, on your left. turn left, as marked by the blue arrow in the photo below. please note that the Rotary Water Project

sign is no longer up.

the picture below shows you your view once you have turned left from the main road. from this point it will take you about 18-20 minutes

to get to Kampung Pituru Laut. at the T-junction, turn right.

once you have turned right, keep following the road until you meet the junction in the next picture. turn right into JALAN SUMBILINGAN, as marked in the picture.

keep following the road until you meet the junction in our next picture.

once you meet this spot, keep going on the tar road.

carry on until the next junction (there will be some parts going uphill). when you see this junction, you are almost there!

take the road on the left. you will be going downhill towards Kampung Pituru Laut.

this is your first view of Kampung Pituru Laut.

please be sure to stop at our meeting point and wait for our boat. it will likely be Awi or Ali G that would greet you. see you!


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    email | phone and SMS +6014 679 3 679  
    find us on facebook and be a fan of our facebook page titled mañana borneo resort