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NOTE: We have recently received many complaints about emails not going through to us and third parties trying to

sell our rooms for much more than our published rates, while giving inadequate information about us. if you feel that

(1) your email to us is not being responded to quickly enough, or (2) you can't get the information you want from

the person you are speaking to (including the concierge at your current hotel, whom we have not appointed as our agent!)

- - - please call us directly on +6014 679 3 679 and our second number +6014 679 2 679. 


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maņana, Spanish for 'tomorrow', was named by a Canadian travel-writer who found his way to Yan's little paradise

while it was still a one-man resort. having his heart won over by the goodness of the environment,
he kept postponing his departure date to "tomorrow" - hence the name!
Yan created maņana out of his need to live a simple life - as close as possible to the sea, 
away from urban social obligations (!), a space where he can discover and appreciate nature and his role in it.
You may have met Yan on Long Beach, Perhentian Kecil Island or on Juara Beach, Tioman Island. Yan's dream finally came true
so now he is on a private beach on Borneo Island
and along with Nani, Matt and their like-minded friends from around the world, look forward to hosting you at maņana.
maņana borneo is on a private beach in the Malaysian state of Sabah (North Borneo). it takes about an hour to travel by road from Kota Kinabalu to the village closest to maņana borneofrom the village (Kampung Pituru Laut of Kota Belud), it is a 10-minute boat ride (or for the adventurous, a 40-minute trek) to maņana borneo.
if you'd like to come over...
the closest international airport is in Kota Kinabalu, capital of the Malaysian state of Sabah.

from Kota Kinabalu, you will need to travel to Kampung Pituru Laut of Kota Belud.

the easiest and quickest way is by pre-arranged private charter (a little over one hour from the airport to the beach - one hour on road and 10 mins by boat). this will cost you about Ringgit Malaysia 120 for the taxi (can be shared by 4) and then another Ringgit Malaysia 10 per person for the boat ride.

you could also opt for public transportation, or travel on your own. go to our FAQ page for details.

MOST importantly...
please be sure to get in touch before making your way here- at this point, we are not able to guarantee rooms without reservations... aaaaaaaaand, please, only come if you are sure this is what you are looking for! there are many 5-star high-end beachfront establishments in this part of the world, and we are not one of them!! we want to be sure your expectations are what we are offering - because we've had maybe 1% of our guests who keep complaining about things we can't provide, because what they're looking for would be provided for them at a higher-end establishment.. if you are unsure, do do do write us with all your queries, and we'll be glad to answer everything upfront so that you either come and enjoy the raw, chilled-out, basic beauty we are fortunate to be surrounded by.. or we can help point you alternative directions that could suit you better... cheers!  



we have several lodging styles so please view our ROOMS page for details..





we like to think that our space is a little haven on earth to just be ;) if you'd like to go with the flow when you get here, some options could be to snorkel, skimboard, kayak and sail... a snapshot of the corals we are priviliged to have in our front yard..





or pick a book up from our library and just lay in a hammock, play pool, ping pong or UNO at our 24-hour restaurant/bar.





if you are looking for waves, just give us a shout and we'll let you know if it's a good time to surf yet.. it used to be between july and august, but you know how unpredictable things are nowadays :)



pick up a new skill at any time of the year with Yan's fire-twirling lessons!



and if you have a day to spare away from maņana, we could help point you in the direction of the Sunday market in Kota Belud (fondly known as the Tamu), a lagoon of water from Mount Kinabalu and by the Kampung Kawa Kawa river to view proboscis monkeys.





a big note of thanks to TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet for the surprises..


See you soon!






maņana borneo resort

email & | phone and SMS +6014 679 3 679 

find us on facebook and be a fan of our facebook page titled maņana borneo resort 


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